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    TC Explainer PPT

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We are proud to be renaming our business from Rand Trust to Transaction Capital Business Solutions to have better alignment with our parent company, listed entity Transaction Capital. 

We are still the same great company working with SMEs since 1958 to improve their cash flow, and this won’t change. Browse our site, and please feel free to get in touch.

Innovative Financial and Credit Risk Management Solutions from Transaction Capital Business Solutions

If you find yourself reaching the end of your overdraft facility but there are still creditors to pay and salaries are due shortly, then you might be surprised to know that there is a solution. Transaction Capital Business Solutions empowers entrepreneurs and businesses through tailor-made SME financial solutions that assist with working capital management. We are committed to providing a cost effective, professional service that offers innovative solutions to suit your specific needs and to improve your cash flow concerns. These solutions include; Debtor Finance through Invoice Discounting and Factoring and, Trade Finance in the form of Property Backed Loans. Our Trade Finance product can assist in facilitating Purchase Order funding, Stock Finance and any other form of Asset Finance your business requires.

Debtor Finance

Debtor finance is the simplest way to fund your business growth without having to take on additional debt or extended lines of credit. Click here to read more

Benefits of Debtor Finance

Fund your business cash flow requirements from existing sales invoices Click here for more info

Property Backed Loans

Not enough value in existing invoices, but need working capital? Click here for more info

Outsourced Credit Management and Collections

Effective Credit Management requires expert resources which are often scarce and very costly. Click here for more info

Giving your customers credit

Access to a self help portal which will benefit your business Click here to read more

SME Credit Insurance

Cover the risk of your debtors not paying you Click here to read more

Legal Services

Give your business the best legal protection Click here to read more